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An AIP Permit for the Acquisition of Immovable Property

* A permit will not be granted if applicant has already acquired immovable property is Malta, except in certain designated areas; other conditions also apply.
  • This presupposes a change of ordinary residence if the purchaser is not already a resident of Malta.
  • This would typically include holiday homes where there is no charge of ordinary residence.
An AIP Permit for the Acquisition of Immovable Property will be granted subject to the following conditions:
  • Minimum value of property depending on the type of property.
  • Restrictions apply to properties of historical interest.
  • Property purchased must be destined:
    • for personal residential use of applicant only.
    • for other purposes approved by Government,
    • for an approved industrial or tourist project, or
    • for any other project or purpose which is considered to contribute to the development of Maltese economy.
  • Foreign origin of funds.
  • Resale of property restricted to Maltese residents.